Do You Know How To Pick An Air Filter?

Have you been affected by toxic mold and you're worried about Coronavirus? Know the questions to ask when shopping for an air filter?

I got the chance to interview Mr. Vinny Lobdell, President and Cofounder of Intellipure about the important factors to be considered.

DON'T MISS 15:48 for the side-by-side particle testing of popular air filters on the market. You won't believe your eyes!

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2:19 - Effective against Coronavirus. Shown effective against smaller H1N1. Now using in hospitals in Wuhan to help combat Coronavirus.

3:09 - Ultrafine particles are causing disease.

3:43 - Mold mycotoxins attach to ultrafine particulate and can remain forever suspended in the air and in our lungs.

4:30 - In addition to molds and mycotoxins, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs can attach to ultrafine particulate.

4:38 - We need to remove ultrafine particles from the air.

5:24 - Very few filters on the market will remove ultrafine particles.

6:15 - Intellipure addresses ultrafine particles in addition to other pollutants such as large particles, bioaerosols, and VOCs.

6:36 - Spores are large particles but mycotoxins are 50 times smaller.

7:07 - The challenge with highly dense filters is being able to push enough air through the filter to be effective.

7:24 - "Breathe-through effect" - this is when a filter starts to load with living molds, viruses and bacteria, and the toxins and chemicals emitted are pushed into the air.

7:49 - The major benefit of DFS technology used in Intellipure is that they send an electrical charge through the media filter, rendering the microbes unable to survive, and reducing the "breathe-through" effect.

8:39 - No ozone. All Intellipure machines have gone through the most stringent testing at CARB (California Air Resources Board).

9:44 - Dr. Jill's favorite part of this machine is that it's one of the few that clears mycotoxins from the air.

11:19 - Easy to maintain.

12:01 - Demonstration of how easy it is to maintain Intellipure.

12:47 - How to maintain the Compact model.

14:47 - Class 1 Laser Particle Counter. Machines are compared using this counter, which measures down to 0.3 microns, which is also the HEPA standard.

15:17 - Are other types of air cleaners removing ultrafine particles?

15:48 - WATCH the side-by-side particle counter comparison

16:39 - PECO-based model was only 50% efficient at removing ultrafine particles.

17:17 - Retail system claiming to be HEPA was really only 70% efficient at removing ultrafine particles.

17:42 - ZERO ultrafine particles with the Intellipure Compact model.

18:28 - ZERO ultrafine particles with the Intellipure system.

19:00 - Dr. Jill tests her own machine to validate that there were ZERO small and large particles emitted from her Intellipure Compact model.

20:32 - Air exchange. Removal of particulate is important, but is the air cleaner moving enough air to remove pollutants for a given space?

21:09 - Goal is to exchange the air 3.5-4 times per hour.

21:24 - Math alert! Helpful formula to determine which air cleaner you need for your space.

21:45 - Noise. One of the problems with moving enough air is noise. So people don't run their machines on the appropriate setting.

22:26 - Noise advantage of DFS. Since the filter is charged, it can be less dense and still meet efficiency standards, allowing a much higher output of clean air at a lower decibel of noise.

23:43 - Super V is a whole house option that's installed at HVAC to filter 100% of the air as it comes into your space.

24:17 - Super V is a good way to clear mycotoxins from the space after mold remediation.

24:28 - Air filtration is not a replacement for remediation.

25:11 - The challenge with any medical-grade HEPA that relies solely on mechanical filtration is that the filter loads up, reducing effectiveness.

25:42 - Read the fine print. How many hours of usage per day does the company use to base their filter life?

25:58 - The only way to run an air cleaner is 24 hours per day, 7 day days per week. Air cleaning is not an event, it's a process.

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